Our Coaches

Our Coaches

Our Wellness Coaches are equipped to deliver cutting edge strength and fitness classes. They offer clients a wealth of knowledge and experience obtained through formal education, certification programs, and practical applications. Our instructors will deliver the hottest High intensity classes that will move and define your body in a supportive, fun environment.

Leesa Frye


I have always had a passion for cardio but once I discovered the benefits of free weights I was hooked. The skills and determination from my cardio and weight training have helped me become the poster child for overcoming back to back shoulder surgeries. This has left me with a personal understanding and ability to visualize fitness through my clients perspective. I can personally attest to the necessity of modifications that are needed.

My experience in the medical healthcare field have provided me with the understanding of how important fitness is to overall health. This entails both preventative and recovery phases of health. As a coach I want to create a fun, motivating, and challenging workout that is more

Lesley Hertz

Operations Manager and Head Trainer

As a lifelong resident of Kankakee County, I am invested in the women of this area. I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, SCW Kettlebell instructor, SCW Core specialist, and currently working on my Fitness nutrition certification. I love designing circuits and lifting complexes and changing up your workouts and keeping you motivated.

I wanted to become a coach when fitness became a consistent part of my life and I realized all the benefits-not only physically but emotionally and mentally. I fell in love with taking care of my body inside and out, and I decided I wanted to help others do the same. My education and experiences have taught me how to empathize with others no matter where they are in their journey. So regardless of where you are at, if you are ready to transform yourself from the inside out, I would love to help you!

Lisa Magruder

I like to focus on building self confidence in the weight room and designing Body360 circuits. I enjoy working with those who are new to exercise and lifting. I alway try to push ladies out of their comfort zones.

The Le Body Shop program will give you the confidence and knowledge to lift weights in a safe and beneficial way. I became a coach because I want women to realize that strength training is an integral part of transforming their body and overall wellness. So many ladies are intimidated by lifting and free weights in general and I want to educate them on proper form and technique so they can fell comfortable working with weights and developing a strength program.

Katie Cherry

I am the Yoga instructor at Le Body Shop and have been in the health and fitness industry for over six years. My degree from Illinois State University in Structural Design with an emphasis on ergonomics which was the kick start to my career. Instead of designing spaces for people to work and live, I am now designing lifestyles for my clients-teaching them to use their bodies effectively and efficiently in their everyday spaces. I have trained with some of the leading coaches in the industry and look forward to sharing my wealth of knowledge with each of you!

DeAnn Brueggert

I am a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports medicine. I fell in love with fitness and have been instructing fitness classes since 2003. I want to share my love with others who have aspiration to become a better stronger version of themselves.

Chelsea Schultz

Fitness is a lifestyle, and it’s meant to be fun! After trying many different fitness adventures, I have finally found out the secret, you get to choose your own. Everyone is different and I hope to help you find a workout regimen that helps you achieve your goals, motivates you, and makes you a healthier person in the long run. I hope you leave every class full of sweat and with a smile, knowing you are making an impact on your life for the better. I have worked under the Le Body Shop trainers for a year and am thrilled to finally be able to teach my own.

Stacey Blank

I decided to become a coach to further my love for bettering myself and others. I have always loved working out and pushing myself to new levels, and cannot wait to work with each of you. As a mother of 2 kiddos under 5, a full time employee, and a current student getting my master’s degree I understand that it can be hard to find time to get in a good workout. I beleive that if I can find time to work out and coach a class a day, then anyone can! I can not wait to meet each of you and find out what your personal goals are and to push you to achieve them! Remember your only limit is YOU.

Kendra Schoon

Health and fitness are a passion of mine, always have been. Exercise not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude and your mood. With Body360 and Lift & Tone I am 110% committed to helping you along your fitness journey. I will be right there with you, guiding and encouraging. My goal is to help you become healthier and stronger. Remember, “Today’s actions are tomorrow’s results.”

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